Welcome to Team Street Blast - Combat Athletics. we run cutting edge training innovations in Combat Athletics Health & Fitness, for people age between 8 years young to 50+. Founded by Denis J Cesar from the Seychelles islands, who has over 24 years of martial art & Health + Fitness.


Street Blast Combat Athletics is not a Martial Art Style but rather a State of mind, a way of THINKING, DOING, and BEING. Its about people from all ages, and their different life roles and responsibility, training & having fun in our arena and being themselves.


Our coaching is systematic and based on a program of development & continuous application of techniques, fostering a gradual and steady growth, of each and every individual. Our main difference is that we utilize functional Combat Athletics disciplines merely as a tool of self discovery, understanding our nature thus improving and become a more secure, productive human being.


From that point of view it allows us to cater for a wide range of persons with individual or collective goals in training and life. Be it for keep fit, self discovery, self defense, health & fitness, competition in Free Fight , kickboxing, Muay Thai Boxing, Submission Grappling, Brazilian & Combat Jiu-jitsu, we have the expertise and experience to cater for your needs.




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